About Me

My Name is sonal and it is my first semester in montgomery college. One thing you should know about me is that i am a honor student and i get awarded by the senator back in middle school. i am an uncle of one nephew and a niece and i have a niece on the way. I like playing basketball, tennis, and table tennis

This Info graphic talk about how fabric dye and water pollute the enviroment. Many people drink more water while wearing cotton. The graph show how people buys apparel and they spend money for it.

This essay talk about how water pollution affects the evviroment. Water pollution and air pollution are the main sources that gets polluted.

This essay talks about sexual assault. Many women including men faces the hard times of sexual assault. This has impacted many women’s education.

This essay talks about child marriage. Child marriage is a serious issue and it can affect the girls education, health , and damages the economy.

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